Firelight Camps' mission is to create comfortable, stylish and revitalizing camping experiences that awaken appreciation for nature, inspire adventure and deepen connection with family, friends and community.


LAND STEWARDSHIP: Our camps pioneer low-impact infrastructure and natural landscaping that help sustain rural and wild properties while providing guests with opportunities to explore and experience the natural beauty. 

LOCAL CULTURE: We embrace the local culture and support the local economy through our food and beverage programs, and by partnering with tourism providers such as wine tours, guided hikes, and outdoor activities. This helps ensure that each camp has a strong sense of place.

CONNECTION: At the heart of our camps is the fire circle, a place to forge community and deep connections with family, friends and community. 

IMMERSION:  We want to honor the roots of camping and give our guests a true outdoor experience, to fall asleep to bull frogs and wake with the birds; to experience the sound of rain on canvas and stargaze by the warmth of the campfire. We invite our guests to relax into the natural beauty of our camps in a way that feels easy, comfortable and clean, while inspiring a sense of adventure and novelty for first-time campers.